About Us

In a barn, in a faraway land, in the upper left corner USA, exists a mighty mighty buckle. Its strength lies in its intricate design using aluminum and titanium materials. The Austere buckles are the brainchild of Uriel Eisen. Uriel was frustrated with the current state of buckles used on bikepacking gear.

The cheap plastic buckles would loosen time and time again which meant having to dismount to re-fasten gear. Worse yet, those plastic buckles would fail putting your gear and mission in peril. At the time he was working on NASA space suit designs and decided to build a better buckle.

He enlisted space in his buddy’s barn, moved in a CNC machine and started designing. After many iterations, the Austere cam buckle was created. It is designed to secure your gear without sacrificing weight. We’ve found many other uses for the buckles, basically anytime we need to secure gear, whether it be backcountry skiing, overlanding, or holding up your pants. Best of all, the buckles come in many colors adding to flare your ride.